Envy shopify theme 2.0

Envy shopify theme 2.0

Envy shopify theme 2.0

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Shopify envy theme use sections to create your ideal layout.

Most sections are made up of blocks that serve a specific function, such as headers, text, single images, a collage of images, or links. Using sections and blocks in your templates provides more flexibility in how you arrange your store's content, enabling you to control the look and feel of your online store without the need to edit code.

Each section has a specific variety of blocks that you can add to it. Which sections and blocks are available depends on your theme. For more information about what options are available to you, refer to your theme documentation.

Some sections have limits on the number of blocks that you can add, or limits on the number of blocks of a certain type. For example, the Image with text section can only display the blocks specified by the theme designer for your theme. In Dawn, the free Shopify theme, you can add only one of each of the following blocks:

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