Delphinus - Pac.9 Premium Shopify Themes for Furniture and home decor shop

Delphinus - Pac.9 Premium Shopify Themes for Furniture and home decor shop

Delphinus - Pac.9 Premium Shopify Themes for Furniture and home decor shop

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Shopify theme is an easy way to create an online furniture store

The handmade furniture store theme will help everyone to create a unique and high-quality site. It will be possible to post any information on it in unlimited quantities, and the general design immediately hints at what will be discussed in this project. This is a simple and understandable tool that everyone can use, even if you do not have experience in working with sites.

The theme already contains all the necessary pages:

  • main – your business card;
  • about the company – information about you will positively position customers to your person;
  • directory – virtual showcase with a virtual shopping cart;
  • contacts and delivery methods if you provide such services.

The home page is the business card of your site. It should attract the attention of the visitor at first sight. People who are looking for an interior designer and furniture maker expect to see a beautiful image. Give it to them! Let it be a staggering photo of one of your projects. Bright colors are welcome in this case. It’s a great idea to use a carousel slider here. In this way, you will present several images, increasing the chances of getting a new client.

A huge advantage of the theme – here you can post full information about yourself, talk about your team, and show your work. Most of us prefer to communicate with real people, rather than with an abstract interlocutor. Create an individual atmosphere and guarantee your customers an appropriate approach.

Designed for growth

We frequently update our themes with your business in mind—speeding up your store's performance, boosting conversion rates, and keeping it SEO-friendly.

Phenomenal service

With a customer-focused culture, we partner with Shopify merchants to help educate you and influence new and existing themes.

Customized for your brand

Our themes provide you with a design system, structure, and tools to help you create a unique digital experience for your brand.