Buy Shopify Dropshipping Store

Buy Shopify Dropshipping Store

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One very interesting winning product for sale using the dropshipping system.

The product is not seasonal and for a wide paying audience of 30+

This product really solves a serious problem and fears of many people.

win dropshipping product

The test of Advertising was launched only on Australia!!! At first, the CPM was about 22$, but after a couple of days the creative collected a large number of likes and reposts, Facebook realized that users liked the video and the CPM dropped to  13-14$. 

Spend 210$ and earned 840$.  

At the same time, I only tested a couple of interests. I didn't launch a look-alike audience!!! For those who understand Facebook advertising, you can see in the screenshots. I repeat, this is only Australia, there are many more European countries where the CPM and the purchase price will be less and the profit correspondingly more. 

The page loading speed has been further increased in the store. By google page insights =99!

At the moment, no one is selling this particular product from other dropshippers. Therefore, there is a great opportunity to collect the cream from the pie.

What is included in the sale:
- domain
- shopify store
- creatives ads
- after-sales support

As a gift, you will be provided with 5 premium shopify 2.0 themes of your choice (worth  1000$)

 For all questions, you can contact

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