Step by step plan for launching a dropshipping business on the Shopify platform

9 simple steps so that you can see for yourself - it's not difficult to sell goods all over the world from any point of it, you just need to know what to do. Let's go!

Step by step plan for launching a dropshipping business

1. Register yourself or rent a payment system (PayPal, Stripe or another).

These are international payment systems, we will need them to accept payments in our future Shopify store.

Register yourself or rent a payment system (PayPal, Stripe or another

Connecting a payment card is really the most important, but at the same time a difficult step. The best option to start with is PayPal or Stripe. And by the way, good news: buyers in the USA or Europe are ready to pay in advance! There is no such thing as cash on delivery (payment upon receipt) in the head of an ordinary American/European: "Money in the morning - chairs in the evening" (c).

2. Choose a niche (theme) of the future online store.

There are a lot of them, for every taste and color. You can choose what is closer to your interests, or what you already understand.
Choose a niche (theme) of the future online store

If you have had experience working in any of the product niches, this can be your advantage! But even without experience, it's not so difficult to figure it out. Okay, what are the options?

  • Pets
  • Beauty and health
  • Sport goods
  • Maternity
  • Products Household/Kitchen/Garden Products
  • Hobby products (fishing, auto-, bicycle-themed, etc.)

These are just examples of popular niches, but there are many more. There are quite narrow, or vice versa, wide, there is an opportunity to choose according to your liking and according to the level of prices for goods. Each niche has its advantages. The advantage of the Shopify store is that you can easily create several stores and try yourself in different niches, even if you didn't "guess" right away.

3. Create a website on the Shopify platform for the selected niche and connect the payment system.

You register on Shopify — https://www.shopify.com/website

 Here we talked in detail about all the stages of creating a store. There are "experts" who even manage to take money for this. We share this experience with you completely free of charge, since we ourselves understand that at the beginning of the journey there is not always an opportunity to spend a lot.

You create a website based on a free universal template (theme) for the chosen niche. There are also paid custom themes, but even on the standard basic theme (Debut) you can work, which is successfully done by stores with millions of turns.

A nice bonus - Shopify gives you 14 free days so that you have time to create and launch your store. And it won't be difficult to create a store on Shopify. The block dragging system is intuitive and simple. Even if you haven't had any experience with website layout, believe me, you can handle it. Well, if you have such an experience, then it will seem like candy to you at all.

4. You pick up the goods on AliExpress or another platform with suppliers for dropshipping.

You pick up the goods on AliExpress or another platform with suppliers for dropshipping

Search for a product that you will advertise and sell. We only need one product. Looking ahead, I will say that you will generate sales thanks to targeted advertising on Facebook / Instagram. All traffic will be directed to a specific product (Product Page — a page with a description of this product) on your website! That's what all dropshippers do. Our goal is to sell one product for tens and hundreds of thousands of dollars a month.

How do I find such a product?

How do I find such a produc

Only hypotheses and testing. There are a whole lot of ways to find a winning product. But we give you a cool tip: the main idea of the product is WOW + SOLUTION. This means that the product should very simply and quickly solve some specific problem for the buyer (target audience) in your niche. At the same time, it must have some kind of "uniqueness". If the product is available in the nearest store near the house, the buyer is unlikely to be surprised by it. And since we are counting on an emotional purchase, we need to be able to surprise!

For example:
Niche: dog products
Product: Dog collar with GPS tracker.

I'm sure you've already figured out why this product is a WOW+SOLUTION. How and where to look for a product + supplier that will send our orders? Most dropshippers initially work with the well-known AliExpress. We are looking for a product from our chosen niche on Ali.

To begin with, you should not take too expensive goods if you have no experience. There are enough products in the range of up to $25-30. This is the bottom and middle of the market, which will allow you to start with not relatively small investments.

dropshipping products on aliexpress

5. You design the product page in your Shopify store with a 2-3 times markup

dropshipping product for shopify store

To do a high-quality product page, because that's where customers will get who will click on ads on Facebook and Instagram.

The selling Product Page template contains a text description of the product, its advantages for the buyer, characteristics, as well as visual materials (photos, GIFs, videos). You can see a good product design from competitors, but we recommend doing it individually for your shop.

It is worth noting that in the realities of today's market, the buyer does not like one-day stores with clumsy designs and a hastily made descriptions, low-quality photos. Therefore, our task is to "brand" it. Come up with a "creation story" of our brand, a logo (there are templates, but you can do it yourself), a color scheme, choose fonts.

Since you will create brand visibility, it is advisable to decorate all photos of products with your logo, use brand colors in the design, etc. Thus, the buyer will have a complete picture and trust in your store and product.

We also add selling triggers to the product page (discount, free shipping, reviews, etc.). To do this, you can find a bunch of applications on the "Sales Triggers" request in the Shopify App Store (store of additional applications).

6. You create (or order) promotional video creatives yourself

You will be looking for your customers through FB Ads. To do this, you need high-quality videos (lasting about 30 seconds) with your product, where all its useful aspects will be described. It is important to understand that a person flipping through the FB (or Instagram) feed does not expect to meet your product, he is not looking for it. And he is engaged in looking at photos, reading posts from friends, and our task is to "pull out" his attention with the help of a catchy frame in our video ("scroll-stopper") and make him want our product. Even if a minute ago he didn't even know about its existence.
How do I find such a produc

It would seem that how to do this, especially if you have not had experience before? Believe me, this is not higher mathematics, advertising is quite standardized, and the buyer is already well studied. This means that there are well-known tricks and scenario moves in the videos, which not only can, but also need to be used to lure a person from the FB or Insta tape to your site.

7. Launch targeted advertising for the "Conversion" goal.

I say right away, the cost of advertising in the USA/Canada/Australia / European countries are much more expensive than, for example, in Russia or Ukraine. But since we will work in Western markets, we will earn significantly more, so don't worry, the main thing is to figure out how to do it!

8. You receive the first orders and pay for them from the supplier

Ah, how sweet the first sales notifications sound! (we advise you not to turn on silent mode on your phone during the test period, then you will understand why). It cannot be put into words, you need to experience it yourself, and believe me, you will soon feel it yourself!
shopify order

Since the product test usually lasts 48-72 hours, already at this stage you can receive the first orders and partially recoup the cost of advertising + purchase goods on Ali. After receiving orders, you pay for the order on AliExpress (or another site) with the customer's delivery data. The difference is in your pocket.

Advice by the way, it will be cool if you find a product and a supplier with the ability to pay with PayPal (and there are a lot of such on Ali). Then, as soon as you receive the paid order in your store, you will be able to IMMEDIATELY purchase the goods on Ali with the same money. Otherwise, if the seller has no PayPal payment option on Ali, you will have to wait a few days until the money from PayPal is transferred to the card and already pay for the purchase with the card.

How do I find such a produc

As soon as you have received an order in your online store, you order this product on Ali, specifying the data that your buyer specified. You send the buyer his tracking number and a link to the service where you can check the delivery status. The difference is in your pocket (well, to pay for Facebook advertising).

But if you don't want to do it manually, there is an absolutely free application for automating the processing of Shopify orders.

9. You are scaling up (increasing the volume of orders with the help of advertising)

Despite the non-linearity and variability of Facebook algorithms, it is logical that in order to increase the number of sales, you need to invest more in advertising. The more you invest— the more you get.

Of course, this may lead to an increase in the cost of the target Purchase action. Your margin is likely to fall from $20-25 to $10-15. But don't worry, you will still earn on volumes!

Bro, if you find a cool product, you can confidently rock its sales to $10,000 and much more... hundreds of thousands of dollars. And it's not worth stopping there.

What can I do to earn even more?
shopify money
  • You can brand your product, its packaging, thereby increasing the buyer's trust in it.
  • You can order bulk shipments to the warehouse (fulfillment center) in the USA and make even more margin
  • You can find an agent in China (they can also be found on Ali) who will get your goods directly from the factory with a lower purchase cost, which will also increase your earnings
  • You can upsale — offer in addition to the main product another one that will complement it. For example, if we sell a GPS tracker for a dog, you can upgrade a multifunctional leash to it with a discount of 30-50%.

10. You rock the store up to $15,000 / month and more with a net profit of 25-35%.

One more time. You have no physical connection with the production and with the product itself. You're just a binding element. All this can be done in your laptop with access to the world Wide Web. It’s E-commerce, baby!



Above, we have outlined for you a detailed guide on how to start earning $$$$ by selling goods from China around the world. I will say again: everything is not so simple, as in any business there are difficulties and nuances. But if you approach this matter responsibly and purposefully, you can quickly achieve cool results. Go ahead!

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