Let's once and for all analyze what we call the cornerstone of Product Research for dropshipping on Shopify.

And here I will not talk about some secret applications and methods of finding a winner that will bring you over $100,000 per month. And in no case do I deny such methods, they exist and work. But I'm going to tell you about the inner essence of a winning product and what makes it so. Sacred knowledge that should be permanently deposited in your mind.

To begin with, all physical products on the Shopify dropshipping market (and not only) are divided into three types:
  • WOW Products
  • Products SOLUTION
  • WOW Products+SOLUTION

Products from this category include everything related to the WOW emotions of a potential buyer. Simply put, these are clothes and shoes with a variety of indoor prints and designs, accessories, wristwatches, jewelry, etc. Such things should be sold only if you are building a brand and are ready to invest well in it. People are usually not used to buying such products from the first touch, despite the emotionality. Conclusion: If our goal is to quickly launch sales to start chopping cabbage, such products are not suitable for us.


The most banal products that we are used to seeing every day in our lives. Spoons, forks, various consumer electronics, furniture, etc. Such products solve our most basic problems and needs. All this has no uniqueness and for the most part it can be bought in regular stores. It will be very difficult to generate an emotional purchase here. I'm sure you'll agree that ordinary Muggles have long had favorite stores that they trust and where they buy such things.


Products that solve a certain problem (pain) in a magically unique way.
And now this is interesting! And in order to hit the target more accurately, you must always remember what the target audience is. Let's take, for example, dog owners and think about what kind of pain this CA has. If you think carefully, you can find a lot of pains / problems!
The first thing that came to my mind:

  • You can lose a dog on a walk
  • A lot of wool at home when the dog sheds
  • There are guests at home and the dog does not give rest

It follows from this that we need to offer the consumer a solution to these problems. And solves it WOW, how creative! And such a product will be difficult to find in a regular pet store. The advantage of this type of products is that it is very easy to show the problem and its solution in a creative advertising video.

And here are examples of WOW+SOLUTION products:

  1. GPS dog collar will solve the fear of shaking the dog on a walk (there are also luminous collars that can solve this pain).
  2. The nozzle on the vacuum cleaner for combing the dog.
  3. A brush that cleans furniture/clothes from wool in one motion.
  4. Silicone feeding mat. A special delicious pasta is added to it. The pasta is spread in a mat, the whole thing is in the freezer and you can take your pet for two hours (while guests are at home, or you have left home, or you just want peace).
  5. The same as the previous product, but the usual dry food is put in the ball.

These products can be found in absolutely any niche, you just need to think carefully and be creative.

It is this type of products that are sold cool from the first touch (a person saw an advertisement, went to the store, bought). This is a 10,000% emotional purchase. A potential buyer sees his pain, sees its solution and after that becomes a direct buyer)))

And so, I hope you caught the essence of what I was trying to convey to your consciousness. And the last tip: 80 percent of your time should be spent on product analysis and search, since 80 percent of your success will depend on the right product. Develop your vision and always look for it. Think and look for a dream. Think and then run the test.

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