Dropshipping on shopify 2022

Dropshipping is a direct delivery of products from the manufacturer to the customer.

In this case, the intermediary does not store goods in his warehouse and does not deal with logistics issues. His responsibilities include the promotion of the store and the search for customers.

The most popular platform for creating an online store using the dropshipping system is Shopify. This is a user-friendly and convenient platform with a huge number of additional tools. Shopify allows you to launch a business in the shortest possible time and get a good profit.

Its main advantage is that the entire technical component of the process lies with specially trained people. You don't have to worry about disruptions in the store, payment security, page loading speed. Shopify dropshipping is the best option for those who are planning to start sales in Western markets.

  1. Dropshipping from Europe
  2. Dropshipping in Germany
  3. Dropshipping in Poland
  4. Dropshipping in England
  5. Dropshipping in Italy
  6. Dropshipping in Spain
  7. Dropshipping in France

Dropshipping from Europe

Dropshipping from Europe
Doing business on the dropshipping system requires cooperation with responsible and reliable suppliers. As a rule, entrepreneurs make a choice in favor of manufacturers from China, referring to favorable prices. But, there are a huge number of wholesalers from Europe who are ready to offer good terms of cooperation.

The first thing to mention is the high quality of products from European manufacturers. Also, the product range is impressive: they really can find everything. The combination of high class and a large selection will bring your store to the tops. The margin may even be 50-150%. But there is one thing: not so many customers in Ukraine are willing to pay for quality, in this case it is better to focus on the West.

The list of the most popular services for finding suppliers and wholesalers directly from Europe includes:

  • Roberlo;
  • Printful;
  • Socket;
  • Printify;
  • SupplyMeDirect;
  • Modelist;
  • other.

Each of them offers favorable prices, a high level of service, quality and reliability. Some of them are suitable only for Shopify, others integrate seamlessly with any e-commerce platform. Detailed information about the terms of cooperation can be found on the official websites of suppliers.

Dropshipping in Germany

Dropshipping companies are slowly but surely taking over the global e-commerce market. The fact is that this business model is so simple and practical that almost anyone can launch their own online store. Since eCommerce is at the peak of its development, the business associated with direct deliveries is very far from stagnation.

One of the best countries for dropshipping is Germany. Dropshipping from Germany is quite profitable - if you choose the right target niche and provide excellent customer service. According to Statista analytics, revenue from the eCommerce sector in 2021 in this country is one hundred million US dollars.

If you want to sell most of the goods to German customers, it is best for you to find direct delivery suppliers located in the country.

We have compiled a list of dropshipping suppliers in Germany to make your task easier.:
  1. Brands Gateway.
  2. boxtrade.
  3. Rayeeboard.
  4. Shirt-King.
  5. Youngfash.
  6. Gallay.
  7. Recital.
  8. CLP.
  9. AGI AKKUService.
  10. Dropshipping Marktplatz.

It is worth emphasizing that even by signing a contract with German suppliers, you can sell products in other countries' markets. Remember that when selling goods to buyers in EU countries, you must charge the appropriate VAT fees (about 19%).

Many are wondering whether dropshipping is a legitimate activity in Germany. The answer is definitely yes! Do not forget that any income you receive from dropshipping in Germany, regardless of whether you sell it on the local or international market, is taxed. Taxes will vary in different countries. Therefore, be sure to consult with a specialist and familiarize yourself with the local tax legislation.

It is worth mentioning that there are certain items that we do not recommend selling in EU countries. The list includes weapons, replicas of brands, drinks without a certificate, and so on.

Germany is among the countries in Europe with the greatest purchasing power, since e-commerce is part of the daily life of people here. So dropshipping in Germany can be your stroke of genius.

Dropshipping in Poland

Poland is a country with one of the most stable and fastest growing economies in the European Union. There are a lot of new enterprises that offer to buy goods in bulk. At the same time, raw materials and labor are still much cheaper than, for example, in Germany, France, Great Britain. Poland is the best option for dropshipping business.

Even if you plan to work in Western markets, signing a contract with Polish suppliers will be an excellent solution. In this case, it will be possible to make good money on the margin. At the same time, online stores are also very popular in Poland itself, so you can also get local customers if you seriously approach the branding of the store.

It is worth emphasizing that dropshipping is an absolutely legitimate business model in Poland. At the same time, you are not limited to the local market. You can serve customers all over the world, even in Australia and North America.

To find success, it is necessary to find responsible and reliable wholesalers who offer high-quality goods. Otherwise, customer complaints and referrals will fall on your shoulders. We have prepared a list of the best Polish suppliers for you:

  1. Koehler Home Decor.
  2. AT-OUTLET Poland.
  3. NaZakupy.
  4. Profexpol.
  5. Yournewstyle.
  6. Schimar.
  7. Stan-Part.
  8. Nostra Trade Sp. z o.o.
  9. Movement Sp. z o.o.
  10. Yellow Octopus.

The advantage of Poland for European dropshipping is that the country is located in the center of the continent. Global courier services and modern logistics centers ensure fast and reliable parcel delivery throughout Europe.

Dropshipping in England

Dropshipping in the UK is gaining unprecedented popularity. All thanks to the fact that there are a huge number of factories in the country offering high-quality products. We will share with you information about several services that will help you find the best products.

Printful is suitable for those who want to sell textiles or accessories with a unique design. The service offers printing on your product and making it one of a kind. It is worth noting that Printful is the leader in this industry. The advantages of the company include:

  1. no need to make a minimum order or pay a monthly fee;
  2. possibility of integration with well-known sites;
  3. warranty for products damaged during delivery;
  4. high quality of work.

The disadvantages include a high price and a narrow specialization.

- Oberlo is a plugin closely related to Shopify. A rich product catalog allows the dropshipper to find all the necessary products. The main advantages of the service are:

  1. simple and intuitive interface;
  2. a huge range of products;
  3. the ability to register a free account.

The list of disadvantages includes the limitation of useful functions without a premium account. You can also integrate the plugin only with Shopify.

- Spocket - offers all kinds of products for any niche. Thanks to the wide assortment, you can launch several stores with completely different themes at once. The advantages of the service are the ability to track parcels in real time and automated order fulfillment. The disadvantage is that taxes are not included in the price.

- Modalyst - integrates with Wix, BigCommerce, and Shopify. The service is designed to connect dropshippers with suppliers. Thanks to this, the business of the direct supply model will develop rapidly. Advantages:

  1. high quality products;
  2. rich assortment;
  3. fast delivery.

A significant disadvantage, especially for beginners, is the commission of 5% of all payments.

- Doba - offers a wide selection of suppliers. This allows you to find any products for your dropshipping business. The most shocking advantage of the service is the presence of a network of wholesalers with two million products! Doba also has a simple and user-friendly interface. If desired, you can subscribe to the newsletter about steep discounts and promotions. But, as they say, there is a fly in the ointment: using the service is relatively expensive.
It is worth mentioning that one of the most significant advantages of dropshipping in England is its logistical component. A developed and fast delivery system will help customers anywhere in the world to receive an order on time.

Dropshipping in Italy

There are many manufacturing companies in Italy that are known for the high level of their services and quality products in almost all categories. They offer good terms of cooperation, which is especially beneficial for the dropshipper. We have collected information about the best suppliers with whom you can conduct a successful dropshipping business and deliver goods not only in Italy, but also around the world:

  1. Griffati is one of the coolest fashion clothing suppliers. The quality and design of the products is impressive, their products are love at first sight. The rich assortment includes women's, men's and children's textiles, as well as shoes and stylish accessories.
  2. Tuscany is the ideal supplier that will make dropshipping Italy and Europe as easy as possible. The company sells high-end leather goods and supports the idea of a direct supply business model. Thanks to this, you will be able to fully focus on advertising and branding your store.
  3. Brands Distribution is a supplier of men's clothing and accessories. The company offers an affordable price plus excellent quality. BrandsDistribution has gathered all the leading Italian manufacturers in one place, which gives you the opportunity to choose the top products.

As is the case with other countries, dropshipping in Italy is not limited to the country. The whole world is open to you. The main thing is to take care of advertising and focus on the quality and location of production. Many consumers around the world admire the high class and beauty of Italian goods, which will help you win the hearts of customers.

Dropshipping in Spain

Spain attracts dropshippers from all over the world, including Canada, the USA, the UK, and many other countries. The fact is that the country occupies an advantageous geographical position, and is an excellent platform for sending goods around the world. Sea and ocean ports allow you to quickly transport parcels both to European countries and to the USA or Canada. Do not forget that the Spanish market itself is very large. In addition, the growth of online sales in the region is impressive.

If your target audience is residents of Western Europe, Spanish suppliers will be the best choice. Why? The answer is one - high productivity. Having warehouses with goods near the place where most of your customers come from means one thing: faster delivery. Its speed affects such an important indicator as user experience. The more customers like the service, the more likely they are to make a repeat purchase. In addition, there are high chances that your shop will be recommended to friends. This is marketing that you can't buy.

As for the verified suppliers, the list of the most responsible ones includes:

  1. Shopping spain opt - offers a huge amount of clothing for any age category. This is the best option if you focus on both Eastern and Western Europe.
  2. Alcists Px20 sl - specialize in direct supply of personal protective equipment, which is very important nowadays.
  3. Ganga Lotes - are engaged in the supply of branded items.

The prices are quite high, but if you target your ads well, you can find a lot of customers.

Dropshipping in France

In France, the average customer spends about 1,780 euros a year on online stores, which makes it an excellent country for selling products. The French prefer to pay for purchases with a credit card and PayPal when placing an order, which is ideal for online business to flourish. Regardless of whether you plan to focus sales only on the French or the international market, it will be profitable to run an online shop.

Local suppliers and logistics companies offer excellent terms of cooperation, including low shipping costs.

Dropshipping in France allows you to do your business with almost no risks. You don't have to worry about renting warehouses and delivering goods. This allows you to focus on marketing and scaling.

To start the launch of the store follows from the search for wholesalers in France. Despite the fact that the number of suppliers offering direct delivery services in the French market is limited, they are definitely present. To give you a starting point, here are some good options:

  • Cdiscount is a company known for a rich offer of products in 30 categories. The most popular ones include electronics, household appliances, books, toys, sporting goods and much more.
  • Climsom is a supplier of innovative, revolutionary and unique products: from acupressure mats to anti-aging silk pillowcases.
  • La Redoute - offers fashionable clothes and home decor items. The assortment includes its own collections and a wide selection of brands.
  • Emuca is a great option for those who want to internationalize their business. This company provides direct delivery services throughout Europe. In addition, Emuca develops, manufactures and sells a variety of products.

France is an ideal place for dropshipping. Why? According to 2019 data, France is the second largest online trading market in Europe. In addition, it is an excellent platform for launching international sales.

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