How make advertising unique and Super clickable with UGC?

How to make Facebook ads unique and clickable?

Hello, friends! If at least once you came across the creation of advertising creatives, or saw someone else's in the feed (and you saw 100%), then you probably noticed a very cool move.

Namely, the use of content created by users of this product/service in advertising. This is called UGC (User Generated Content). We would like to talk about him today.


Let's start with the psychology of the buyer. For example, you are considering buying a phone, have already looked at a lot of information from brands, have decided +/- on the model, but have not fully decided. And then you come across a video review from a real phone user somewhere in social networks (for example, after 1 month of use). You start watching, and you realize that this option really suits you, and even more captivating is the fact that the video is vital! A real person, mentions without too much pathos about what the phone is good at, and what it is not very good at. But this is done unobtrusively, without long enumerations of characteristics, etc., basically a person shares his experience and emotions. And does not try to sell the product! So, this is one of the possible UGC options.

User-generated content (UGC) is any content (text, videos, images, reviews, etc.) created by people, not brands. And brands often share user content on their social media accounts, websites, and other marketing channels.

Facebook Instagram are the main platforms for user-generated content for many brands. Users create and publish posts with your brand image, presenting your products and services to their audience. Even better, you can share this content with your audience, increasing your credibility in the process.

How to use UGC for E-commerce and Shopify dropshipping?

1. Creatives in cold and warm companies

If we talk specifically about the use of such content in the field of e-commerce, or even more precisely - in Shopify dropshipping, then, first of all, we are talking about using it in advertising campaigns. You can add frames from real reviews from users to the creative, with sound, where a person shares emotions from using the product, or talks about some of its key features that are important for a potential buyer. You can also shoot whole videos yourself, where a person talks about personal experience using the product, or order them from professionals. 

 Example of a video creative using UGC ☝

 They can be easily found on freelance platforms (you buy a product, send it to a person, he shoots a video for you for payment, or for a free product). The main thing that the video look realistic, and the man in the frame was associated directly with your audience (well, not a teenager to do about UGC any device for treatment of joints, it should be people aged 40+, when such problems appear more mass).
I.e. thus destroyed the primary barrier between you and your buyers, and for some of them it can become the direct trigger for purchase at the level of creativity.

You can also use UGC in the form of photos - at the level of retargeting campaigns. When you have already unscrewed the product normally, and good reviews with photos of your customers have already gathered in the comments under the advertising posts or on the site, you can use them! Just ask them if it is possible to use the photo (as there may be problems if the person did not want it).

2. Facebook Instagram, Facebook page posts. 

instagram post for dropshipping store

Using UGC can be a great way to organically attract new subscribers, increase sales and turn your existing audience into customers without additional investment in advertising. You can launch challenges using your brand's hashtag, ask to upload videos/photos to stories or to your loyal customers' feed in exchange for a discount. Thus, you will be able to attract friends and acquaintances of your customers, who are also your potential buyers. There are a lot of options.

3. Photos/videos in the product description on the website

It is very easy to collect UGC in the Pet niche, since the owners usually like to share photos themselves, they do not need to be asked. But it is also possible in other niches, the main thing is that your product is of high quality and really liked by people.

Of course, photos and videos of the product licked by photographers and designers for sale are cool. But as practice shows, people often trust "their own kind" more, i.e. ordinary users who take photos / videos of the product in real conditions, i.e. not in the studio, but in real life. It would be a good idea to combine both professional and amateur shots in the product description, where the product is shown. So that your customer can "feel" him from all sides, understand how he will look in life, draw parallels with how he will look, for example, at his home, etc.

4. Reviews with photos/videos

An example of reviews that are UGC in themselves

You can and should use real photos and videos to create reviews on the product page. It's even better when it's real reviews from your customers. But if you are at the launch stage, you can use someone else's, edit them for yourself, and eventually replace them with your customers' reviews.

User-generated content (UGC) is a great idea for filling your social channels with beautiful and interesting content for the user. It is also a cool tool for creating unique creatives that cause much more trust than just showing the product as in a showcase. Whether you're launching a new product or running a retargeting campaign on an already successful product, including custom content in your campaigns can help you achieve even more success!


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